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There are many ways to learn about and enjoy wine, one of the most popular is wine podcasts

So whether you’re on a walk or the morning commute, check out these top 5 wine podcasts we’re listening to. 


Wine for Normal People

Since everyone can’t or certainly won’t want to become a wine snob, this is a great podcast for the basics. It’s a light and fun podcast hosted by husband-wife team Elizabeth Schneider and M.C. Ice. Elizabeth is a Sommelier and has a book by the same name, while her husband is an everyday guy who likes a glass of wine at the end of his workday. You won’t get an in-depth wine education here, but you’ll learn grapes and regions with some suggestions on new wines to try. 

Wine for Normal People Podcast


Babes & Booze

Babes & Booze is great for the millennial crowd interested in learning about wine and lifestyle tips from 2 “wine disruptors.” Chel and Elle of Chel Loves Wine and The Modern Pour have both worked with a number of wine brands and regions and bring their expertise online in an inviting way that makes you feel like you’re chatting on the couch with a friend. Meet wine industry professionals, learn lifestyle tips, and sip delicious wines with these Babes. 

Babes & Booze Podcast


The Swirl Suite

The Swirl Suite focuses on black voices in the wine industry. Hosted by Sarita, Tanisha, Glynis, and Leslie, listeners can tune in to an international mix of the wine industry and lifestyle topics in each episode. We love that these women bring diversity into the conversation, discussing female winemakers, kosher wines, and people of color in the wine industry. 

The Swirl Suite Podcast


Matthew’s World of Wine & Drink

If you’re really looking to expand your wine knowledge, Matthew has lots of great resources and information for you. Matthew Gaughan is a DipSet and WSET Educator who breaks down his podcasts into 15-20 minute snippets. From a 5-part series on Greek wine to climate change in Germany, take a deep dive into the fascinating world of wine.  

Matthew’s World of Wine & Drink Podcast



Decanted Podcast was created by Rising Wines Collective Co-Founder Sandra Everingham and her partner Dave Adams. Their focus is on wines from Washington State, Oregon, and beyond. With winemaker interviews, wine education, wine tasting notes, and more, you can be sure to enjoy each episode and take away a new fact about wine, no matter your level. “Let’s Decant this!”

Decanted Podcast

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As an avid traveler, Jacqueline started finding herself in popular wine regions around the world, fueling her passion for food and wine. When she isn't traveling you will find her at home with a glass of wine in hand and a smile on her face while tasting new recipes with her Chef husband. She received her WSET Level II Certification with Distinction, Argentina Wine Specialist, and Oregon Wine Expert certifications. Jacqueline has worked in the wine marketing and hospitality industry for many years. She continues to increase her wine knowledge and looks forward to creating her own wine one day.