Uncorking romance: Wine is the perfect pairing for romantic comedies

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Best wine pairings for romantic comedy

Love can come along when we least expect it – like the first sip of a wine that knocks your socks off, but maybe some doesn’t keep the thrill we’d hoped.

Romantic comedies are a go-to genre, whether it’s date night or a cozy night away from the wild world. Though your hero or heroine may not meet the right wine, we have the perfect pairings to make certain you do, from light and fresh to complex and nuanced.

Classic Love Stories – Pair with Chardonnay

Timeless romantic comedies like “When Harry Met Sally” or “Notting Hill” call for Chardonnay. Classic films that have stood the test of time merit wines whose style and depth complement the story. Savor the rich aromatics and baking spice of Aubaine Chardonnay or the hand-crafted wines from Leo Steen that convey a sense of place. There are no room-temperature butter bombs and backgammon on our silver screen.

Romantic Dramedies – Pair with Pinot Noir

While we often rely on romantic comedy for fun fluff, many mix that engaging humor against a more serious theme, such as “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” or “500 Days of Summer”. Movies that have intensity and depth lead us to a pairing with Pinot Noir. A wine of legend, notably finicky in field and cellar, this powerfully expressive grape only meets its potential in places it loves. For many wine lovers, that ultimate love story begins and ends with Pinot Noir.

Quirky and Offbeat  – Pair with Rosé

When your taste in romantic comedies leans toward the unconventional – think “Amélie”, “Juno” or even “Schitt’s Creek”- Rosé is your go-to wine. A global crowd-pleaser, rosé is known for its fresh, fruity flavors that can harmonize with foods of the most wildly divergent character. When your movie choice is a film that offers a unique take on love and romance, rosé’s fresh and fruity character will mesh with the fresh and fruity characters on the screen.

Rom-Com with a Twist  – Pair with Pet-nat

For films that feature a surprising twist or a non-traditional storyline like “The Big Sick” or “Crazy Rich Asians,” celebrate the unexpected with a glass of pet-nat. Vivacious, bubbly, vibrant, and sometimes packing a bit of funk – it’s the perfect toast to the unconventional.

Sassy and Spirited – Pair with Sauvignon Blanc

When you opt for a sassy and spirited rom-com like “Legally Blonde” or “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” try a Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp and sharp with a wide range of citrusy, herbaceous, and sometimes peppery flavors, Sauvignon Blanc will hold up to any witty dialogue or spirited characters, making for an engaging experience that puts you at the table with Elle.

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